#1 Tapered Tools

The Small Taper tools were designed by Mark St. Leger, a noted box maker. The best use of these Taper Tools is on vessel’s 3” tall and smaller.  They are ideal for final finish form and shaping.  All tools are shipped with the screw and cutter installed along with the T-9 Flag Style Torx Wrench for cutter rotation. 

  • The Small Taper tools are manufactured from 3/8” round bar stock with a turned taper to hold the # 1 Cutter.
  • The Small Taper Straight tool is used for the initial hollowing process.  If the walls are straight, then the Small Taper Straight tool is the only tool needed.  
  • The Small Tapered C Hook tool is used for undercut areas or in the “Belly area” of a hollow form or globe.
  • The Small Tapered Shoulder tool is sometimes called the Back tool.  The unique cutter placement is perfect for turning under the shoulder of a small diameter turning such as a Christmas ornament globe. 
  • Tools are available as a 3 piece set or a 2 piece set.  The Small Taper tools can be purchased individually as needed for your specific turning requirements. 
  • Tools are available with handles or you can turn a handle to suit your needs.
  • Replacement parts for all of the Small Taper Tools are the # 1 Cutter, # 1 Screw and the # 1 Torx Wrench. 
#1 Tapered Tools
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