Carter & Son Toolworks

Premium Woodturning Tools

It is with excitement and gratitude that Branches To Bowls Ltd is able to offer you, Carter & Son Toolworks, an exceptional collection of premium woodturning tools. All of the design work, machining and sharpening of each tool is hand-made by turners for turners in their Seattle factory. Each tool is individually machined from M42 high speed steel, the premium steel for turning wood. It hones to a fine, sharp edge and retains that edge due to the 10% Cobalt content. These tools come to you hand sharpened to a razor-sharp finish ready to use right out of the package.

Each patented Aircraft grade aluminum handle is interchangeable with every tool, using the various adapters as required, allowing you to own a greater range of tools at a lower cost. Every tool has a round tang fitting into the handle, reducing chatter, giving a tighter fit and a stronger tool. The 2 set screws in the handle seat on the machined surface of the round tang giving you a solid, positive connection.

You will find Carter & Son Tools to be a joy to use for many years to come. I invite you to try one and be amazed at the way these premium woodturning tools will make your turning that much more enjoyable.

Branches to Bowls is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Carter & Son Toolworks.