The Cygnet Hollower is designed in collaboration with Cindy Drozda. It is a bit different than most of the Hunter style tools.

  • Relatively short at 6″ length overall, it is a flat shaft tapered over its length to the slight bend and twist down at the cutter.
  • Daintier than most of the solid bar-type tools typical of the Hunter family, the Cygnet is manufactured to produce finer touches.
  • The Cygnet is a sturdy tool but it has the appearance of being more for finessing things.
  • The Cygnet is designed to be used flat on the tool rest.   
  • The cutter is in line with the shaft so there is little twisting movement in the tool.
  • Tools are available with a 12” handle or without a handle.
  • Replacement parts are readily available.  The Cygnet uses the # 1 Cutter, # 1 Screw and the # 1 or T-9 Torx Wrench.
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