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GluBoost Loves Wood!!!

Looking for breakthrough turn outs for your builds, finishes, and ding and dent repair? Look no further!

The GluBoost professional system provides flawless results that industry elite rely upon daily!

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Cyanoacrylates are an acrylic resin that will rapidly polymerize in the presence of moisture or activators. Known as instant adhesives (like Super Glue), they harden super-fast bonding to rigid plastic, glass, metal, rubber and other low porosity materials. When applied, cyanoacrylates will form long, strong chemical chains, joining the bonded surfaces together. A normal bond reaches full strength quickly, is waterproof and less irritating to skin than other types of glues.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives work great for professional woodworking builds, finishing’s, ding/dent repair, builds, repairs & fabrications and is for flexible repair & finish.

GluBoost is perfect for water clear finishes for all types of woodwork too!

If you’re looking for glue or an adhesive product with maximum strength-to-volume performance, then cyanoacrylates will likely supply the strongest bond compared to other adhesives and they are very resistant to most chemicals, water and mild heat.

Why use GluBoost?

Other products have an Unclear Finish, Lack Freshness, Lack Strength, Lack Clarity, Lacks Purity, and can have Poor Dispenser systems which can clog.  Not to mention our product is Water Clear, Resistant to Heat/Cold/Chemical exposure, Flexible, Unique, and Super Fresh.

Our spray accelerator is the only one that does not bubble and pit the glue.  That’s right, no bubbling, pitting, hazing or yellowing — ever! Cures clear and fast — every time — with far less dust and sanding. Also, great for multi-piece bonding.

We make it fresh often and store it chilled! GluBoost will guarantee optimum freshness and performance of our products only when bought directly on our site. All CA products are stored at optimal temperature in our warehouse chillers, so you always get our Formula to Container freshness guarantee every single time