Hercules Tools

The square shank Hercules Tools are robust and hard working tools for heavy duty outside and inside diameter turning of bowls or platters.  The strong square shank absorbs any impacts which are then distributed into the tool rest and down into the ways of the lathe.  The same Square Shank Hercules tool can also perform with a “soft touch” for those final finish cuts.  The Hercules Tools have a 45 degree flat milled on the lower shaft which helps guide the turner for the bevel rubbing finish cuts.

All tools are shipped with the cutter and screw installed along with a Flag Style Torx wrench for cutter rotation.

  • The two sizes available are 5/8” Square Shank Hercules and 3/8” Square Shank Hercules.
  • For the new turner or the occasional turner the Hercules is an excellent choice.
  • Just lay the tool on the tool rest and traverse the tool back and forth on the tool rest.  As with all tools, be careful that you don’t catch the wings of the tool which are the 3:00 o’clock and 9:00 o’clock position of the cutter.
  • If you are turning a lot of interrupted cuts, the Hercules is a great choice as the shock impacts are absorbed into the shank and then distributed to the tool rest and into the ways of the lathe.
  • To help with shear cuts, there is a 45 degree flat bevel that is ground on the shank.
  • Tools are available with handles or you can turn a handle to suit your needs.
  • Replacement parts are detailed in the two sizes available.
Hercules Tools
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