Ken's Custom Creations

My name is Ken and I am a woodturning artisan residing in Calgary, Alberta. I have enjoyed working with wood since I was a young boy, starting with birdhouses that I sold for a $1 profit. Over the years I have created furniture, clocks, baby toys, and other small projects. Recently I have developed a passion for woodturning; experimenting with various wood species, both local and exotic. It is fascinating to help allow the natural shape of the bowl emerge from the raw piece of wood. The variety in colors, contours and characteristics keeps me engaged and passionate in my work.

I turn my bowls on a Vicmarc lathe using many species of wood that include Padauk, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Wenge,  Batu, Elm, Mayday, Manitoba Maple, Myrtlewood, Birch and Rosewood. I have also created bowls out of multiple woods by combining different species prior to turning. The pieces I create are unique; often I don’t know what the final product will look like until it is finished. I enjoy highlighting the natural imperfections in the wood that give each piece its individual character. Some of the most rewarding bowls that I’ve turned have been those out of wood donated from friends following trees being taken down off their properties, such as after Calgary’s snowstorm of September 2014. It is a wonderful remembrance of a tree that had stood on that land for, in some cases, 40 years or more.

Typically my bowls are finished with one of three food-safe finishes, which make them ideal for serving dry food stuffs like candy, nuts, pretzels, and even salads.