Phoenix Tool

The Phoenix is the first-choice tool for your light finish cuts.  The best use of the tools is as a scraper to clean up the sides, blending into the lower radius and removing the nubbins that are always difficult to turn. 

The Phoenix uses the small # 1 Cutter which has proven to be a superb finishing cutter.  It is a forgiving tool.   All tools are shipped with the screw and cutter installed along with a T-9 Flag Style Torx wrench for cutter rotation.

  • With the cutter slightly above center, rotate the tool slightly clockwise and you will soon learn to peel off shavings that are onion skin thin. 
  • The surface will be so smooth that very little sanding is needed. 
  • For the smoothest cut, always cut with the grain.
  • The Phoenix tool can be used for roughing cuts, but it is designed for final form and finish cuts.
  • Higher RPM is recommended when using the Hunter Tools.
  • Tools are available with handles or you can turn your own handle to suit your needs.
  • The Phoenix Tool will use the # 1 Cutter, # 1 Screw, and the # 1 Torx Wrench.
  • The shaft is 5/8” diameter.  Tools are available with and without handles.  If you decide to turn your own handle, my recommendation is a 16” – 18” handle. 
Phoenix Tools
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