#1 Stabilizer Tool

Stabilizer Tool

The # 1 Stabilizer is directed to a beginner or occasional woodturner to use on the inside a bowl where so many struggles with a bowl gouge.  Mastering a bowl gouge and learning to swing the handle to keep the bevel in the proper orientation is a challenge for many beginners.  As the bowl blank gets deeper in progressive cuts and more handle swing is required, they often struggle.  The “Stabilizer” tool doesn’t require this conventional bowl gouge skill.


The # 1 Stabilizer cuts very smoothly with nice curly shavings.  It is an easy tool to control the cuts, and the finish is very impressive.  For a beginning turner the Stabilizer provides a frustration-free introduction to turning the inside of a bowl with little experience required.  I find it most useful to drill a hole to depth and then turn from outside to inside or towards the drilled hole.