#1 Taper 2 Tool Set

#1 Taper Set, Ornament 2 Tools, 12" Handle

To review ornament globes from various known turners, a common thread is the globe outside diameter is about  2 1/4″ and the globe outside height is about 1 1/4”. Most turners will hollow ornament globes through a 5/8″ or 3/4″ diameter opening.

To make a globe with these dimensions, the only tools needed are the Small Taper Straight tool and Small Taper Back tool. It is a pleasing form for the globe and it is amazingly easy to hollow a globe with these two tools. Just drill your hole to depth of the inside dimension.  Then open up the bottom with the Small Taper Straight tool, followed with using the Small Taper Back tool to remove material the Straight tool would not reach.  Final clean up under the shoulder of the ornament will make a very light and attractive ornament globe.  Be sure to blow out the chips on a regular basis. 

The overall length of these tools is 8”.  The additional length makes the tools useful to load into many of the captured hollowing systems.  The 2 piece set can be provided with 12” handles.  Many turners use these tools in the various manufactured handles that are available on the market.  By only exposing the minimum shaft length needed for your specific turning these manufactured handles helps increase the rigidity in the tools.