Adapters & Handles

Handles & Adapters

Because our handles are solid aircraft grade aluminum they are strong and maneuverable as well as chatter reducing. The specific shape of the handle is designed to fit your hand for comfort. Beautifully engraved and polished, the handle will last a lifetime. Two set screws secure our tools 3” into the handle for extra versatility. Add some power to your turning!

  •     3/4″ bore
  •     Even weight for maneuverability & balance
  •     Designed to fit your handle for comfort
  •     Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime guarantee

Complete interchangeability is possible with premium Carter and Son Toolworks adapters. Each adapter is machined to precise parameters from aircraft grade aluminum, ensuring a chatter reducing fit between tool and handle. Our adapters will fit any 3/4” diameter handle, bringing the inside diameter down to 5/8″, 1/2” or 3/8″.

  •     Meticulously designed by turners, for turners.
  •     Lightweight yet long-lasting aluminum.
  •     Groove on top makes the sleeves easy to slip in and out of the handle for a quick tool change.
  •     Hand inspected.
  •     Made in the USA.
  •     100% lifetime guarantee.

Includes two necessary set screws.

Wrap your signature Carter and Son aluminum handles in cohesive wrap for enhanced grip.

  • One spool is 4" wide x 15’ long
  • Stretches to cover more area with less wrap
  • Sticks to itself
  • Easy to replace & won't leave a residue
  • Colors are random