Adjuster Shank Tool

Adjuster Tool with handle

For box making, ornaments and small vessels, this tool is indispensable.  You can easily adjust the tip to any desired position.  It can cut aggressively if needed, or a light shear cut is easily achieved. When starting your cut rotate the cutter to the 7:30 position on the clock, as you cut you can rotate the cutter up to 8 or 8:30 for a very controlled cut.

  • Designed by Box Maker: Mark St.Leger
  • Manufactured by: Hunter Tools Systems
  • Available sizes: a 3/8” shank or a ½” shank
  • #1 cutter on an articulating ½” long tapered tip
  • Adjustments of the tip and cutter are done with an included T9 wrench
  • Unhandled tool is 8” long