CBN Grinding Wheels

Grinding Wheels

Carbon Boron Nitride (CBN) grinding wheels are a very popular abrasive wheel. CBN Wheels have 4 times higher abrasive resistance, 55 times higher thermal conductivity, and twice the hardness of aluminium oxide wheels. They are ideal for sharpening all Wood Turning Tools, including V10 or any High Speed Steel (HSS) tools.

One of the advantages of CBN Wheels is that you can sharpen without the requirement of coolant as the wheels do not overheat or burn the tools. These wheels provide excellent removal of steel while also delivering a sharp edge and smooth finish with very little effort. CBN wheels have a long life as they never need to be redressed. These wheels can be mounted either on a 3000 rpm or 1500 rpm bench grinder.


Our 200mm Vicmarc CBN wheels have 40mm of grit across the width as well as 40mm of grit on the outer face, while the 150mm CBN wheels has 40mm across the width and 30mm on the side face.


Width- 40mm (1 9/16”)

Bore Diameter-32mm”

Available in 150mm (6”) or 200mm (8”) diameter

Product Micron Grit Size mm 200mm Diameter 150mm Diameter
80 Grit Wheel 0.23mm P01270 P01272
180 Grit Wheel 0.12mm P01271 P01273
240 Grit Wheel 0.065mm P01269 P01274