CBN Lathe Sharpening System

CBN Lathe Sharpening System

The Vicmarc CBN Lathe Sharpening System has been designed to make sharpening your turning tools fast and simple. For those who may not have room, or the budget for a separate grinder and those wanting the benefit of being able to sharpen at variable speeds this product is perfect for you. Used in conjunction with the Vicmarc Sharpening Jig or Grinding Rest and the CBN wheel of your choice (available separately), you will be able to achieve perfect and repeatable grinds every time, saving you money on tool life.

As the height is adjustable this device will fit onto the VL175, VL200, VL240 and the VL300 Lathes. With some small modifications to the location plate for the bed gap, this can also be fitted to other brand lathes providing they have a flat bed.


Part Numbers:

M33 x 3.5, V01350-2

1 ¼” x 8, V01350-3

The Vicmarc CBN Lathe Sharpening System includes the following:

  • CBN Mandrel, Washer, Nut and bolt- as shown
  • Lathe Bed Attachment- as shown