ClearVue CVMAX


The CVMAX is designed for shops running multiple machines on a regular basis. The 8" inlet requires an 8" ducting main that can be split into 6" drop lines to fully utilize its capacity. Available in LH model only.

Our cyclone bodies are built from heavy gauge 1/8" thick patented copolyester (PETG) plastic, which includes the best qualities of both acrylic (Plexiglas) and poly carbonate (Lexan). PETG plastic has the toughness and scratch resistance of poly carbonate, is cold forming (can be bent at room temperature to 90 degrees without breaking) and is very impact resistant. Additionally, it has the cost effectiveness of acrylic without being brittle.

Our cyclones are thermo-formed over machined round forms, making them as true to a perfect circle as possible. All seams on our cyclones are of an offset lap type joint, making the inside of the cyclone very smooth thus keeping air turbulence and friction to a minimum.

The CVMAX intake is sized to receive 8" sewer and drain PVC - ASTM D2729, ASTM D3034 and SDR 35 Pipe.  Alternative types of ducting may be used - please contact Customer Service for more details.  

Assembly is required


CVMAX Single Phase System includes:

  •     Leeson 5HP Motor - Single Phase
  •     16" Blower Housing
  •     16" Impeller
  •     CVMAX Cyclone Body with 8" intake sized to receive sewer and drain PVC - ASTM D2729, ASTM D3034 and SDR 35 Pipe.
  •     90° Filter Transition
  •     Hanging Plate
  •     6" Flex Hose & Clamps for easy connection to Collection Drum
  •     Cyclone Hardware Kit
  •     (2) 9B300NANO Wynn Filters
  •     Filter Clamp

Nano Filter Information

  •     Model: 9B300NANO
  •     Flangeless
  •     MERV Rating: 15
  •     Efficiency: 99.999% at .5 micron
  •     12.75" OD x 34" x 8.4" ID (300 sq. ft.)

Leeson Single Phase Motor Information

  •     5 HP, 230 V
  •     20.8 FLA - requires 30A breaker

Leeson Three Phase Motor Information

  •     5 HP, 230 V or 460 V
  •     Draws 12.2 FLA at 230 V; 6.1 FLA at 460 V

Collection Bin, Wall Mounting Brackets and Filter Clean Out Box sold separate.

Detail Spec
Performance: 1,935 CFM
Noise Level: 78 dB at 10’
Impeller: 16”
Motor: 5HP, 230V - Draws 20.8 FLA
Intake Chute: 8.5” ID
Filter Model: Wynn 9B300NANO
Filter Efficiency: 99.999% at .5 micron (MERV 15)
Static Pressure is a variable unit based on your individual shop set up and ducting design. You may find more information regarding static pressure as well as a calculator at: