Cygnet Hollowing Tool

Cygnet Tool

The Cygnet or “Baby Swan” tool was designed by Cindy Drozda from Boulder, CO.  This is an ideal tool for many small-diameter and small-opening hollow forms.

A beginning or experienced woodturner will enjoy the ease of control this Cygnet tool offers, due to the design and angle of the cutter on the tool.  The tool uses the versatile Hunter # 1 cutter set at 45 degrees front tilt.

The cutter is held in place with a #1 torx screw tightened with a standard T-9 flag style torx wrench. The reason for the flag style wrench is that the screw only needs to be finger tight!  Do not over tighten.

It is recommended to do a random rotation of the cutter every time the tool is used.  A light coating of wax prior to use will help loosen the cutter screw when you have been turning wet wood.