Drive Dogs

Drive Dog

A lathe dog, also known as a lathe carrier, is a device that clamps around the workpiece and allows the rotary motion of the machine's spindle to be transmitted to the workpiece. A carrier is most often used when turning between centers on a lathe, but it may be used on dividing heads or any similar situation.

Drive Dog MT2, 19mm

Drive Dog MT2 Heavy Duty, 25mm

Part # V00341

Drive Dog, Multi

Consists fo 3 Individually removeable Drive Dogs,18mm, 26mm, 42mm, with a threaded Adapter.Each of the drive dogs screws into a cone shaped adaptor soyou can choose the size that best suits your type of work.
Part # V00344-2 direct thread M33x3.5
Part # V00344-5 Insert type M45x2

Drive Dog Threaded        

Specially designed for Salt and pepper shakers and candle holders.
Part # V00343-2, M33x3.5
Part # V00343-3, 1 ¼” x 8

Drive Dog, MT2, 22mm spring loaded

Part # V00345

Drive Dog Chuck Plate VM90/100     

Part # V00347

Drive Dog Chuck Plate VM120/150    

Part # V00346