Rotur Centre Finder

Rotur Centre Finder

The Rotur Centre Finder is used to mark the centre of work up to 8” in diameter. It can also be used on a square section. It is ergonomically shaped with robust and transparent plastic construction.

The Rotur center Finder features two v-stops, with one on each side for enhanced versatility. The 60-degree V-stop is ideal for Circular shapes while the 90-Degree V-stop is great for square, octagonal, hexagonal and bigger circular shapes. It is ideal for marking the centre of bowl blanks for wood turners, smaller craft projects, and circle patterns for carpenters.

It can mark the centre of :

– Round objects up to 8″ in diameter

– Hexagons up to 5-3/4″

– Octagons up to 8″

– Square objects up to 8″