Rotur Mandrel Insert Kit

Rotur Finial Mandrel Inserts Kit

The Rotur Finial Mandrel is a unique product that fits into the tail stock and offers support for the fine end of a finial. This allows you to turn to a very small diameter without snapping or bending the workpiece. Included are 3 Delrin inserts with 3mm, 4.5mm, and 6mm holes. These can be changed depending on the size of the Finial being turned. They fit into the inner race of the free-running bearing in the mandrel body.  The inserts can be drilled out or modified to suit your requirements. A spare set of the 3 inserts is also available (FIS1).

The Rotur Finial Mandrel is machined from high-quality EN8M Steel. Available in 1MT and 2MT. Made in the UK by Planet Plus Ltd