Rotur Piloted Drive

1" 4 Prong Piloted Drive

The Rotur Piloted Drive / Counterbore Centre is suitable for all types of spindle work, but is also designed for long hole boring. The counterbore insert centers the drive centre in a 5/16" hole when making lamp stands. The 4-prong head is more suited for squared spindle ends so each prong has equal penetration in the timber for maximum grip. The head is relieved behind the flutes to prevent binding. 

When the centre point insert is used, it protrudes further than the prongs for quick and easy alignment. The sharp point and prongs can easily penetrate the timber for a secure grip. The drive centre is easily removed from the lathe with the Rotur knockout bar (TKO265).

Supplied with inter-changeable point, counterbore, and hex key.

The Rotur drive centres are machined from high-quality EN8M Steel. The one-piece design ensures the integral points cant work loose. Available in 1, 2, and 3MT. Made in the UK by Planet Plus Ltd.