Swivel Head Sander

Swivel Head Sander

Combine this lightweight sander with the power of your shop vacuum to create an effective, not aggressive sanding system that will reduce nuisance dust 25 to 50% in your workshop. The swivel sander is not intended as a substitute for a respirator or proper dust filtration, this system will help keep your shop clean and make your sanding time more enjoyable.

The Swivel Head Sander is powered by your spinning work on your lathe.


  • Adjustable head angle
  • Positive lock
  • Quickly change sanding pads
  • Lightweight, impact resistant plastic
  • Twin ball bearing design
  • Includes both 45mm and 75mm sanding pads
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty (excluding sanding pads)
  • For use with a vacuum cleaner or shop vacuum.

Swivel head sander Part # V01131

45mm sanding pad (replacement) Part # V00980

75mm sanding pad (replacement) Part # V00981