Vacuum Plate

Vicmarc vacuum Plate

The Vicmarc Vacuum Plate is machined from cast aluminum and is 300mm (12”) in diameter. It has a foam-covered front face. Rotating unions # V01216 and V01217 can be mounted directly onto the vacuum plate as well as the vacuum cups. This works well if your headstock spindle does not have a threaded through hole. If your lathe has either a M12x1.5 or a M16x1.5 thread on the head stock side of the spindle you can then use the V01214 or V01215 on the outboard side and an insert in the vacuum plate or cup.

All the above vacuum accessories can be used with a normal household vacuum cleaner or a vacuum pump provided it has a flow rate of at least 3.2 m3/h (1.9 cfm). If using a vacuum pump be cautious not to set the pressure too high as this will result in possible damage to the bearing seals in the Rotating Union. Always start with low pressure and work your way up to a desired pressure.

Replacement foam for the Vacuum Plate: Part # P0030

Foam, O-Ring Cord for Vacuum Cups, 1.5m length: Part # P00304