Vicmarc CBN Sharpening Station

Vicmarc CBN Sharpening Station
Vicmarc CBN Sharpening Station

The New Vicmarc CBN Sharpening System is another ground-breaking innovation from Vicmarc Machinery. The 1HP (0.75kW) fan-cooled slow speed grinder runs at 1450 rpm and comes with 2-200mm CBN Wheels of your choice, (80, 180 or 240 grit). Both wheels are mounted on the same side of the shaft, enabling you to set up both wheels at the same time, only having to move the tool from the course to the fine wheel with no additional setup. The space saving footprint of this system is unlike any other on the market.

The metal base accurately aligns the Grinding rest and Sharpening Jigs for perfect repeatability, and it is only a moments work to change from the Grinding Rest (1st photo) to the Sharpening Jig.The Vicmarc CBN Sharpening Station comes with the following:

  • Grinder aligned and mounted on the metal base plate
  • Sharpening Jig and gauges
  • Grinding Rest and gauges
  • 2 x 200mm (8”) CBN Wheels

All of the items in the above photo are included with the Vicmarc CBN Sharpening System.