VM100 Chuck

VM100 Chuck

The VM100 T - Bar Allen Key operated chuck allows for one handed tightening along with tremendous gripping power provided by the 4.5 to 1 ratio of the scroll.
Keyed chucks cannot be beaten when it comes to holding power. The totally enclosed back assures consistent, smooth action by preventing dust and debris from getting into the scroll and moving parts of the chuck.

The backing lid is also indexed for those wood turners who do not have an indexing facility on their lathes. The VM100's compact size makes it ideal for use on 300mm (12") capacity lathes or smaller.

The VM100 Chuck is available with either the Standard Jaws or without Jaws to facilitate mounting one of the various jaw options available to meet your turning needs.  Available with select Direct Thread options or a large selection of inserts.

Chuck includes: 1 x Standard Jaws, 1 x 3mm T-Bar Allen Key, 1 x 8mm T-Bar Allen Key, 1 x Woodscrew 1 x Owner's manual, 1 x 7.9mm Tommy Bar (M40 Only).

VM100 Specifications

40 mm expansion range on Jaws

Net Weight: 4.6lbs (2.1kg)    

Diameter 3.75” (96mm)