VM120/VM150 Chuck Jaws


Vicmarc Jaws are made using a Dovetail profile, giving you a solid grip and keeping your piece of art running true. Vicmarc machines their jaws as a single unit, then cuts them into the 4 sections and numbers them (1 through 4) sequentially giving you a matched set, ensuring a true running piece of wood on your lathe. The VM120 and VM150 chucks provide approx. 48mm (1.5”) expansion providing a full range of holding power.

The Vicmarc VM120/VM150 Jaws come in a variety of styles making many different tasks easier for you, 9 different styles and sizes of Dovetail jaws, 2 different pin jaws and long nose jaws. Also available are 4 different size Shark jaws, 3 sizes of bowl jaws, pen blank jaws, pipe jaws and even the faceplate rings. For something unique you can even make your own jaws from the Acetyl Plastic jaws.

Standard Jaws

Part No. V00695

Step Jaws

Part No. V00696

Dovetail Jaws

Dovetail 85mm Part No. V00675

Dovetail 105mm Part No. V00676

Dovetail 128mm Part No. V00677

Dovetail 148mm Part No. V00678

Dovetail 173mm Part No. V00679

Dovetail 198mm Part No. V00680

Dovetail 223mm Part No. V00682


Pin 25mm Jaws

Part No. V00687

Pin 35mm Jaws

Part No. V00688

Long Nose Jaws

Part No. V00684

Bowl Jaws

Bowl 285mm Part No. V00639

Bowl 385mm Part No. V00640

Bowl 485mm Part No. V00641

Shark Jaws

Shark 55mm Part No. V00692

Shark 68mm Part No. V00693

Shark 83mm Part No. V00694

Shark 130mm Part No. V00691

Pipe Jaws

Part No. V00689

Pen Blank Jaws

Part No. V00698

Plastic 150mm Jaws

Part No. V00690

Includes a spacer

Part No V00131

Face Plate Rings

90mm Part No. V00401

150mm Part No. V00403