We are proud to have received kind words and recommendations from many of our clients over the years. A few selected testimonials are listed below

Service I received from Ken was outstanding and exceptional in every way

Recently I needed to acquire an accessory for my Vicmarc VL300 lathe. After contacting all of the Vicmarc dealers in the U.S. together with all of the woodturning specialty houses with whom I was familiar, I had no success, the typical response being that the accessory I needed might be available in three to six months.

Then I discovered Ken Rude at Branches to Bowls. com in Canada. Ken is the Canadian Vicmarc dealer. I called and spoke directly with him - the accessory I needed was in stock - and in a matter of a few days I had the Vicmarc accessory I needed. To me, customer service is extremely important, and the service I received from Ken was outstanding and exceptional in every way. From my initial conversation - to timely updates regarding pricing and shipping - to follow up e-mails to assure on time receipt of my order, Ken’s service was fast, professional, personable, and customer oriented.

I could not have been more pleased. It is so good to have a supplier that is dedicated to providing quality Vicmarc equipment together with truly outstanding customer service.




Kyle D. Opelika, Alabama.

These tools are like being handed the keys too a Porsche

Hey Ken,

Quick email to say how pleased I am with the Carter and Son tools. I’m re-learning how to turn all over again it seems but what a joy to get covered in a pile of curly shavings, lol. These tools are like being handed the keys too a Porsche after driving a Russian Lada. I’ve just started working with the bowl gauge, the spindle gauge is amazing, especially on higher speed, the shavings fly off.

The bowl gauge works so well at my lowest speed, it’s just so much safer. The only problem I have now is that all other tools fail in comparison... Starting too think about a couple more down the road once I get more time flying curly shavings.



Trevor, NS.

Ken has become my “go to” guy for all my lathe needs.

During the last year I acquired an older model Vicmarc VL300. The lathe was purchased locally in northern Canada where if you want accessories you will have to purchase from a distance either on line or by phone order. A search on line came up with Branches to Bowls Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta.

I knew what I wanted to accomplish with this lathe, however I did not know exactly what parts or types of accessories I should purchase so I called Ken. What an eye opener that was. Having answered a couple of questions Ken asked me about the lathe, I soon realized I was talking to someone very knowledgeable about Vicmarc products. Ken was not in any rush and we talked about turning in general as well as available options for me relative to accessories for my VL300. In the end I placed an order and Ken has become my “go to” guy for all my lathe needs.

I have ordered numerous items from Branches to Bowls and have been very impressed with the quality of service provided by Ken. Vicmarc products have earned a great deal of respect around the globe and here in Canada, Branches to Bowls Ltd will no doubt earn the respect of the woodturning community.

Thanks Ken!



Robin T. Whitehorse, Yukon.

Korpro Cutter a game changer

Switching to the Korpro has been a game changer for using the Oneway Coring System.  I get close to 175 cores from one cutter blade and NEVER have to go to the grinder to sharpen.

Although the cartridge may seem to be a bit expensive up front the replacement blades are inexpensive and overall it's well worth the cost in time saved and ease of using the coring system.  Thanks Branches to Bowls!!

Frank D

Bracebridge, ON

VL300 is the best wood lathe I’ve used

The Vicmarc VL300 is the best wood lathe I’ve used. The rest assembly is easy to move using one hand, the rest height easy to adjust. And Vicmarc chucks are second to none.

Richard Raffan, Australia.