1-1/4" Skew

1-1/4" Skew

Skew chisels excel at creating a glassy-smooth finish and a variety of other work, including v-cuts and beads. Our powerful 1-1/4" skew is unmatched for tackling your large spindle work. Our skews are ground with a radiused cutting edge, and arrive at your shop ready to use.

What makes a 5-star 1-1/4” skew?:  

  •     Rounded top and bottom edge for increased maneuverability on the tool rest
  •     3/8" thick & sports a round tang - for strength, stability & longevity
  •     Superior M42 high speed steel with a 10% cobalt content, for unparalleled edge holding
  •     M42 HSS' unique durability and razor edge mean less grinding and cleaner cuts
  •     Put comfort and control first with an interchangeable aluminum handle
  •     Handcrafted in the USA, and backed by a lifetime guarantee and hassle-free returns
  •     Shipped sharp and ready to use!

The Specs

    Blade measures 1-1/4" outside diameter x 9-1/2” overall, 3/8” thick
    3/4” tang diameter
    12” or 16” x 3/4” handle (no adapter required)