Shark Jaws

Shark Jaw

You will find an unbelievable hold on your spindle work with the depth and serrations on the Shark Jaws. 8 different size shark jaws are available between the VM100 and the VM120/150 chucks. Each jawset having a dovetail at the end of the jaw. The depth of the jawset range from just under 1.5” to 2”. Imagine putting a 5” diameter natural log in a chuck and drilling a smooth round hole down the centre with no other support, I have done it on a 18” x 5” log.

Shark Jaws have serrated inner and outer jaw surfaces. These extended jaws provide an aggressive hold. They hold cylinder spigots much more safely than standard jaws. They are much easier and provide vastly better grip than traditional jaws used to turn long workpieces.

The sizes indicated on the drawing are when the jaws form a perfect circle. VM90 and VM100 chucks provide approx. 38mm of expansion beyond these specified sizes.

 Description         A  C  Part No.
VM90/100 Chucks
 Shark 48mm  35mm  48mm  27mm  V00653
 Shark 55mm  42mm  55mm  33mm  V00654
 Shark 74mm  60mm  74mm  33mm  V00655
 Shark 88mm  74mm  88mm  33mm  V00656
VM120/150 Chucks
Shark 55mm 35mm 55mm 30mm V00692
Shark 68mm 48mm 68mm 36mm V00693
Shark 83mm 65mm 83mm 53mm V00694
Shark 105mm 84mm 105mm 53mm V00683
Shark 130mm 110mm 130mm 53mm V00691